Thursday, 7 February 2019

The Tower of the Alchemist

I passed 300 followers last weekend. Pat Eyler of Foot of the Mountain Adventures who can be found at and, offered to throw in a dungeon map for this cool milestone.

I know I said I'd Random Character creation, but there are an absolute boatloads of tables and it's proving a nightmare to format. I am also running thrice weekly RPG games, which it turns out is a lot of work on top of a full time job.

I gave him a quick pitch:

The Tower of the Alchemist
The Tower of the Alchemist is the ruined home of a powerful archmage who discovered several terrible secrets of transmutation. The Alchemist died following a failed experiment, and now the tower is crawling with strange creatures who are the runoff of her attempts to animate metallic compounds with a chained lightning, swamp water and other assorted chemics.

In exchange, we got not only several levels of non-sensical wizards tower, but also a basement and some creepy caves.


Pat visualised the upper levels with the help of this sketch. We ain't been able to work out who made it to credit (pipe up with any ideas), but it sure as hell looks sweet.

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